BIT Presentations

Below you find all the presentations of BIT (only available in Dutch).

Hosting event 'Hart voor Hosters'

Presentation Teun Vink: 'DDoS bestrijding voor hosters'
Presentation Kristian de Bruijn: 'ISO 27001 voor hosters'
Presentation Wido Potters: 'Gedragscode Abusebestrijding & AbuseIO'
Presentation Walter Jansen: 'Hart voor Hosters'
Presentation Bogdan Moldovan: Axigen
Presentation Chris Peluso: Untangle

Safer Internet Bootcamp Wednesday 10th May 2017

Presentation Wido Potters: 'Internet Eigenwijs'
Presentation Teun Vink: 'Insider Threats? Get rid of it!'