BIT Seminars

With some regularity we organize a number of seminars (free of charge) in which we inform you about various industry related topics. Below you find an overview of all seminars. At the moment there are no upcomming seminars.

In case you have suggestions for topics we might broach at a seminar, please let us know at

Please do note that our seminars are in Dutch.

Kerio is also organizing a number of webinars to which you can subscribe. Click here for more information.

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Ongoing incidents

 "All parties I spoke with, were hesitant to help with what I wanted. BIT also needed a little time to think about it, but I soon got the response that they had come up with a solution.
Things are not quickly dismissed as impossible at BIT."

Read here the case we made with Meteo Consult.

   Rob Epping - Meteo Consult