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Wiljan Pitlo
Manager IT
Docdata Payments

"Truly everything is doubly executed at BIT. That sounds easy, but it really is a lot of work. We have experienced that redundancy at BIT really works and we are very satisfied with it."

Docdata Payments is an innovative international payment service provider for corporations and organisations with remote sales. Docdata Payments takes care of the entire process, from the moment that a client places the order up to and including the payment to the web merchant and the correct processing of that payment.

Expertise for a large range of international methods of payment

"Docdata Payments provides the entire online payment process for web merchants in all European countries. We present this as a service that is used by our clients from his webshop. Every country has its own payment infrastructure with its own corresponding characteristics and peculiarities. The Netherlands, for example, use iDEAL for one-time transactions next to internationally accepted credit cards. When our software registers a German client wanting to pay a merchant, we offer this client specific German payment methods. This is indispensable for merchants with international clients. When offering a large range of international methods of payment, expertise is very important and we have made that our core business.

As Manager IT I am responsible for keeping our services operational and supporting in the technical sense and to evolve the service. It is a simple truth that we are fully dependent on technology and IT for our services. We are in a business that needs to be reachable 24/7: e-commerce does not stop at six or at eleven pm. We are assessed on our accessibility - and we should be.

That absolutely is a reason for our satisfaction with BIT. In the area of the uptime and the reliability and the accessibility of services, BIT delivers an outstanding performance. They have thought about redundancy on all levels and are prepared for scenarios that have not even crossed the minds of other providers. When it comes to security, which is an essential aspect to us, they are first-rate too. Their realisation of the importance of security is noticeable and they are thinking along with us from that realisation.

Redundant infrastructure

BIT has helped us develop a redundant infrastructure based on colocation in two different data centers. We have deployed their load balancing services and SSL offloading. They took care of the entire support for networks and operating systems. We only need to busy ourselves with the applications that run on our machines; BIT does the rest. We make our earnings as experts in the processing of payments, BIT is the expert in infrastructure, server management and additional services to make that possible.

Security is an important reason we have ended up with BIT as well. As a payment service provider we have to be certified according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Without that certification we are not allowed to process credit card transactions. Card numbers, names, expiry dates: all confidential data. In annual audits we have to prove that we handle them as securely possible. The audit screens our company and our processes. We have to be able to prove that we do not move that data over the internet without encrypting it and that only authorised people can access the machines on which we process the data. The auditors always come with us to BIT to cross-examine the engineers who work for us there. We have had two audits since we have started hosting at BIT, and both auditors were very impressed with the quality of BIT. From the way they have secured the physical entrance with biometrics, they way they handle security, but mostly the competence of their engineers. Those people can literally answer any question immediately. We breeze through such audits, mostly due to BIT's expertise."

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