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Frans Smit
ICT & Finance Manager
Karaca Europe B.V.

"The overall picture, the combination of service, reliability, availability and price, is exemplary at BIT. I have never had a reason to doubt my decision to go into business with BIT. We are working with them to our full satisfaction."

The Karaca family business, founded in Istanbul in 1973, is one of the most important players on Turkey's tableware, cookware and china market. Karaca has collections in every price category and are selling in more than a hundred stores and 1200 other outlets.

A young company with big plans

"After becoming a leading brand in Turkey, Karaca decided to expand its market towards Western Europe, starting with a store in the Netherlands. The planned expansion has two tracks. We have a wholesale, which is currently in business with consumers in Belgium, France, Germany, England, Sweden and Denmark - an activity we intent to develop even further. Additionally, we are starting up a number of physical stores to directly get in touch with the consumer. In June 2014, our first store opened in Eindhoven and four or five more will follow in the Netherlands. Then Belgium, France and Germany. In September 2014 we launched a webshop from our wholesale establishment.

We are a young company with big plans, still in the initial phase. The entire organisation, including store and wholesale, currently includes fifteen people. Our biggest challenge is to build a track record with the western European consumer. The name Karaca will have positive associations for Dutch people with a Turkish background, which helps us a great deal in this start-up phase, but we will definitely have to work on our reputation with the rest of the population.

For setting up and installing our software, we have worked with a partner: K3 Business Solutions. When the question was raised as to where our systems would be hosted, they advised us to go with BIT. That decision has been made before my time, but I have never once doubted its correctness. Our entire Microsoft Dynamics AX-environment is currently running at BIT. We rent virtual servers with everything that comes with it: backup, management services and licenses.

A reliable partner

The main selection criterion for choosing a data center, to us, is reliability. You are looking for a reliable partner: reliable in providing services, reliable in service, and, of course, with maximum uptime. Naturally, price is one of the factors as well. The overall picture, the combination of service, reliability, availability and price needs to be right and BIT has all its ducks in a row. We are working with them to our full satisfaction. So far we have only had one problem, which had to do with the synchronisation between our store software and BIT's environment. Once the cause for this was found, this was easily and quickly solved.

I do not have a lot of contact with BIT. That is a good sign though, because the only contact you should want to have with a data center, is the bill you get. The data traffic from our one store is not so significant that a lot can go wrong. As more shops will be added, the load will increase and it all becomes a bit more exciting. But our platform is fully scalable: the moment that more capacity is needed, we can simply plug it in.

People who know what they are talking about

The few times I did have a question, my experience was that the service desk is quick and able in handling tickets and questions. Your question is answered directly, or you are called back shortly when they need a little time to sort things out for you. That adds to the feeling of reliability. I personally think it is pleasant to not have to go through an entire menu on the phone. You always get an actual person on the line who knows what they are talking about."

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