BIT has been the distributor of Kerio products in the Benelux for years. With conviction.

We are the distributor of an advanced firewall package (Kerio Control), a VoIP based telephone switchboard (Kerio Connect) and Kerio Cloud; the hosted version of Kerio Connect.

Kerio products meet the highest standards corporate users set and are designed based on 3 principles; simplicity, stability and security.

Kerio products are easy to implement. The basic settings already provide all security and functionality necessary, but every single application can be adjusted accurately to your specific needs.

The extensive range of possibilities ensure that Kerio products are ideally suited for flexible use within your organisation.

Kerio Connect

Kerio offers a fitting solution for businesses that want to manage their own mail server.

Kerio Connect is a mail server with an extensive agenda functionality that provides you with a safe access to your data, where you are optimally protected against viruses and spam. Every mail client has direct access to messages, contacts and your agenda. This makes Kerio Connect an excellent groupware replacement for Microsoft Exchange.

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Kerio Cloud

Kerio Cloud provides you with one central place for all of your internal and external corporate communication like emails, chat, contacts and appointments. Kerio Cloud is compatible with your existing work space and mobile devices. Kerio Cloud ensures maximum security through an integrated anti-virus, powerful anti-spam, built in archiving, automatic backup and a simple management interface.

BIT offers Kerio Cloud on virtual servers activated in our geographically separated datacenters. This provides you with secure, modern email and groupware functions without having to invest in hardware or software. The application will remain available in case of failure of a single server, physical or virtual. Your corporate data should, of course, never be lost, so this data and its backups are also spread over our two geographically separated data centers.

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Kerio Control

Kerio Control is a Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution combining different applications to provide optimal network protection. Kerio Control has a wide range of possibilities for that. Several examples are: an ICSA Labs certified firewall, internet load balancing and failover, VPN-services, content filtering and an advanced reporting.

Kerio Control is equipped with an integrated IDS/IPS system and filters traffic from all connections. This protects your network from a great number of threats that might come in over the internet, like worms, viruses, Trojans, spyware and rootkits.

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Kerio Operator

Kerio Operator is a telephone switchboard completely suitable for small and medium businesses. By using a VoIP (Voice over IP), telephone communication is simplified. Kerio Operator offers extensive possibilities such as setting up conference calls, diverting calls, making call groups, voicemail to email and the setting of auto attendants. 

Kerio Operator uses your existing data network via an SIP* (Session Initiation Protocol) and virtually every modern phone can be connected to it.

*BIT can provide you with the abovementioned SIP services.

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