No phone lines needed with Pin over IP

Separate phone lines are often still used for pin payments, but this is no longer necessary. With Pin over IP, pin transactions are made via your (existing) BIT-internet connection. This provides your pin transactions with optimal security and reliability. And speed: a transaction can be processed within a second.

The pin transactions are processed in a safe and reliable data connection certified by Currence (a collaboration of the largest Dutch banks). With no additional costs, you can connect multiple pin terminals to the same data connection. This means that there are no more separate phone costs for your pin transactions.

This service is available for every type of internet connection BIT offers. Here you can find a complete overview of those connections.

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 "All parties I spoke with, were hesitant to help with what I wanted. BIT also needed a little time to think about it, but I soon got the response that they had come up with a solution.
Things are not quickly dismissed as impossible at BIT."

Read here the case we made with Meteo Consult.

   Rob Epping - Meteo Consult