Untangle NG Firewall: Your network. Your rules

Untangle NG Firewall

When you're choosing Untangle NG Firewall, then you are unburdened from the complexity of network security and you are saving time, money and frustration. With Untangle, we offer you a modular platform that seamlessly connects to the needs of your organisation and can handle every IT challenge.

The Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution of Untangle offers organisations a watertight security against ransomware, malware, hacking attempts, phishing programs, spam and inappropriate or dangerous websites and apps. Untangle Firewall is seamlessly integrated with Untangle’s cloud services, including ScoutIQ threat intelligence and Command Center centralised management. 

Do you want to test it yourself?

Try the demo on www.untangle.com/untangle-ng-firewall or contact us for more information on the ample possibilities.

Want to know more?

Visit www.untangle.com or contact us on sales@bit.nl or 0318 648 688.