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Kolibrie ICT

In this section, a reseller of Kerio Benelux is presented with a number of questions. This time we have talked to Heino Wendelaar, manager of Kolibrie ICT (previously Mac Server Solutions) Middelstum.

How and when did Kolibrie ICT come about?

Kolibrie ICT started providing ICT support for SMEs mid-June. This ICT support concerns the installation, service and maintenance that we offer for Windows systems, but also for Apple systems with OS X. Ever since Apple switched from the ‘Classic Mac OS’  to OS X in 2001, we have provided the installation, service and maintenance for that too. This applies to the Apple server systems in particular, which have so many possibilities.

What kind of culture can be found within Kolibrie ICT and in what way do you distinguish yourself from other companies within the industry?

We distinguish ourselves mainly because we are on top of the market developments and we ‘dare’ to do things differently. We started doing that with the purchase of a Power Macintosh in 1996, out of interest for the operation of an Apple system. That was before Steve Jobs returned to Apple in the end of 1996. This was the time that Apple was not in a very good place! ‘Daring’ to be different also means that we choose alternatives for our clients. For example, we have opted for Univention Corporate Server, incorporating the Open Source Samba 4, instead of a Windows or Apple server. In that same way we started with Kerio Connect, formerly called Mailserver. Kerio Connect was and still is a better alternative than Microsoft Exchange for us.

What has been the most important development within your industry and how did that influence Kolibrie ICT?

In addition to OS X, which has had a major influence in the development of ‘desktop’ operating systems (certainly from 2001 to 2010) compared to Windows, the rise of ‘the Cloud’ can be named as the biggest development of the last few years. This has advantages for clients, but definitely disadvantages too, because they don’t (always) know where there data is saved. Kolibrie ICT sees it as a task and a challenge to help clients optimise the use of their systems (read: all of their various devices, where work and private life are getting mixed) including ‘knowing’ where their data is and choosing for security instead of a low-cost Dropbox!

Why do prospects mostly choose for Kolibrie ICT?

Our clients opt for Kolibrie ICT for our short lines, the personal contact and us being available when it really matters, for example with failures in systems.

Why did Kolibrie ICT choose for Kerio and which Kerio products does Kolibrie ICT sell?

We have chosen Kerio Connect because it was a much better alternative for us than Exchange. This was partly due to the extensive client support for Apple and many other systems, not only Windows. The simple management of the mail server and the different platforms it runs on, can be named as major pluses. Kolibrie ICT sells Kerio Connect and Kerio Control.

What is your experience with the implementation of Kerio Connect and Control and its management?

We have good experiences with implementing the Kerio Connect product. A little less with the implementation of Kerio Control, but that has been running internally for years now too. First on Windows, later as a virtual firewall and now as Control Box. The unified interface on the products adds value to the management of it.

What would be Kolibrie ICT’ advice to other users?

See which possibilities Kerio (and of course other ICT related) products have and get extensive amounts of information. There are often a lot more work processes to be improved by them than you initially think.

How can we best describe the organisation?

As an organisation that likes to think for and with our clients in a cost saving manner and works with stable and reliable systems.

What are the main USPs to hire you?

Kolibrie ICT likes to look around in the market. That also means daring to accept challenges. Something that might not have you exploring for possibilities quite yet. A good example is exploring the possibilities of using a Raspberry Pi for specific tasks in the ICT chain. For example as a printing server or as online backup for NAS systems. An important USP of Kolibrie ICT is: dare to do new things!

Could you describe the different core businesses individually?

Monitoring developments of ICT systems, testing these on possibilities and implementation with the clients based on a good assessment. That comes with being able to switch rapidly and offer support to clients that cannot perform their jobs due to failures in systems and trying to fix this as soon as possible.

Finally, I would like to mention that the personal challenge in the last few years has been the naming of the company. It has been decided to change the name to ‘Kolibirie ICT’ after more than 11 years. We are currently working a lot on that transition and more information will follow soon.

Would you like to know more?

Please feel free to contact us: +31 (0)318 648 688 or sales@bit.nl