Maintenance Fiber Ring West BIT-1~BIT-2

Maintenance Fiber Ring West BIT-1~BIT-2

30-08-2017 23:00:00

Valued customer

On Thursday, August 31th between 00.00h and 07.00h BIT and their fiber installer will perform fiber maintenance on the West single mode fiber ring between BIT-1 and BIT-2.

This maintenance is required to keep in pace with the growing demand for fiber connections. The fiber patch panels on both locations will be replaced, per cable (one per night), by high density patch panels, and the panels will be re-arranged within the cabinet to create more available space for future expansion.

On Wednesday, August 30th between 23:00h and 00:00h preparations will be made for disconnection of the cable, which may result in increased dampening. The actual cut of the fibers will take place after 00:00h.

Because the existing fiber cables need to be cut and re-spliced this maintenance will cause an extensive downtime of several hours for the affected connections.

We kindly ask you to not shutdown the fiber connections, if possible, and only re-route the traffic. This way we can use the light going through the fibers to speed up the patching process after splicing.

If you have one or more redundant fiber connection between BIT-1 and BIT-2 (divided between the East and West ring) these connections will suffer reduced redundancy during this maintenance.

If you have any questions regarding this maintenance, please contact the Customer Care department by phone on +31 (0)318 648 688 or by email on

Update 06.30am: All fiber connection are refused and are being patched at this moment. We expect that all connections are restored at 07.00am

Update 06.55am: Repatching all fiber connections takes more time than planned. We expect all connections restored at 07.30am. If you still have issues with your fiber connection after 07.30am, please contact the Customer Care department by phone on +31 (0)318 648 688 or by email on