Outage on fiber BIT-2 - SARA

Outage on fiber BIT-2 - SARA

15-09-2017 13:36:50
Status: opgelost

As of 13.28h we observe an outage on our fiberconnection between BIT-2 and SARA. Verkeer to and from the internet routed via this connection has been automatically rerouted. Customers why operate their own AMS-IX connection via BIT or operate a wavelength on this path will observe an outage of this service.

We're contacting our fiber provider to resolve this problem.

Update placed at 15-09-2017, 14:24h:
The connection recovered at 14:21h. We haven't heard back from our fiber provider yet, so we do not have any explanation what caused this outage. We cannot tell for sure if the problem has been resolved.

Update placed at 15-09-2017, 14:58h:
Our fiber supplier has received multiple notifications of outages on this fiber path. A team has been dispatched to investigate the problems. At this moment, our fiber connection is operational, but we do observe problems in signal strength since the outage. It is possible that more outages will occur as a result of the reduced signal strength and the investigations. We will update this notification once we receive an update from our fiber supplier.

Update placed at 15-09-2017, 16:58h:
Our fiber supplier has performed measurements to determine the location of the outage. A crew is enroute to investigate this location.

Update placed at 15-09-2017, 19:19h:
At the measured location our fiber provider observed that the handhole containing the fibers was displaced, likely due to construction works. The displacement has caused the fibers to bend, resulting in the outage and reduced signal strength. Our provider has fixed the bend, and we are currently measuring signal strengths equal to those prior to the outage. Our fiber provider expects that they will need to do more reconstruction works at a later time in a to be determined maintenance window. We will announce this maintenance via our usual procedures.

The incident has been resolved. If you have any questions regarding this incident, please contact the Customer Care department by phone on +31 (0)318 648 688 or by email on support@bit.nl.