Maintenance load balancers

Maintenance load balancers

19-06-2018 00:00:01

On Tuesday June 19th between 0.00h and 2.00h we will perform maintenance on our load balancers. During this maintenance we will apply the latest software update.

A number of ciphers in the current cipher suite, which is being used on all SSL VIP's, are considered weak and insecure. We will remove or replace these weak ciphers. The remaining set of ciphers is supported by all current web browsers.

Within the same maintenance window, our load balancers will be patched from our old to our new network.

During this maintenance there will be a switch between the active and backup load balancer a couple of times. This switch-over can cause a short disruption of a couple of seconds to all load balanced services.

If you have any questions regarding this maintenance, please contact our Customer Care Department on +31 (0)318 648 688 or via

Update placed at 19-06-2018, 02.48

Because of problems with upgrading the load balancer in BIT-2A this maintenace is extended for a short period. Maintenace on our load balancer in BIT-1 is finished and customers will not notice any disruption of service during maintenance on the load balancer in BIT-2A.

Update placed at 19-06-2018, 03.15

Maintenance is finished. There was a total of two switches between active and backup load balancer that could have caused a short disruption of service of a couple of seconds.