Coalition demands changes in the Law on Intelligence and Security Agencies in summary proceedings

07-06-2018 11:45:25

Today were the summary proceedings against parts of the Law on Intelligence and Security Agencies (Wiv) at the District Court of The Hague. After the results of the referendum were in, the government promised to adjust the law, but still it was passed without any changes. We feel that this is not logical, unwanted and legally incorrect. The Upper and Lower House should take the requested alterations into consideration first.

BIT, as part of the coalition that also consists of Bits of Freedom, Free Press Unlimited, Greenpeace, Mijndomein, the Dutch Lawyers Committee for Human Rights (NJCM), the Dutch Association of Criminal Lawyers (NVSA), Privacy First, SpeakUp, Foundation Platform for Protection of Civil Rights, Foundation Waag Society and VOYS has summoned the Dutch State to appear in relation to the implementation of the Wiv. As reported in earlier articles, the coalition is not so much against the Wiv itself, but against its current form. The request to the judge is to pause the large-scale, undirected collection and sharing of unevaluated data with foreign services until the legislator, as promised, has altered the law.

The judge on this case is the same judge who has declared the retention obligation unlawful. You can find the plea here (only available in Dutch). The ruling will occur at the 26th of June, at 10 am.