Maintenance fiber BIT-2 - InterXion Science Park

Maintenance fiber BIT-2 - InterXion Science Park

27-11-2019 00:00:00 - 27-11-2019 06:00:00

Urgency: Planned
Affected services:
- customer wavelengths between BIT-2 and InterXion Science Park
- traffic between BIT network and the internet
Expected impact:
- an increased risk of disruption of customer wavelengths
- an increased risk of short disruptions of internet traffic
Customer intervention required: No
Reference number: 164236
Contact: +31 318 648 688,


During this maintenance window we will add an additional wavelength to the DWDM equipment used on this fiber. We do not expect any disruption of the existing wavelengths for customers and BIT on this path, but there is an increased risk.


As a result of this additional wavelength we may need to adjust the rate at which light is amplified by our DWDM equipment. This is not expected so no disruption of the wavelengths on this fiber is expected either, but there is an increased chance of disruption of all waves
transported by this equipment. In case of a disruption internet traffic will automatically be rerouted via other paths. Customer waves will be disrupted in this case.
Update placed at 27/11/2019, 0:55h
This maintenance was completed successfully and without any interruptions at 0.15h.