Riot as a privacy-friendly and secure messaging app

Riot as a privacy-friendly and secure messaging app

15-01-2020 15:12:42


A good start for 2020: use a messaging app where your data remains yours

A new year, new resolutions? Work out more, eat healthier. But how about your privacy in 2020? The start of a new year is also a good time to make a fresh start in ensuring your online privacy. Use a messaging app that does not compromise your privacy, like Riot with Matrix. Matrix is a network protocol for safe and decentralised communication.

You might be thinking “Another messaging app, do we really need that?”. Wel, yes. Because there are still only centralised messaging apps that are maintained by commercial parties. The danger of such apps is that you lose the grip on your own data. Commercial businesses make money by collecting user data and selling advertisement based on those collections. We think that your data is yours and no one else’s.

Your data is yours

A number of blogs ago we have mentioned the danger of centralisation. Even Twitter is looking into options for decentralisation now. An example of such a decentralised messaging app is Riot in Matrix. A messaging app that you can manage yourself, which is open source and which lets you communicate in a decentralised manner. The things you say in a chat are your data and only yours.

NLtrix: BIT’s Matrix home server

Because data is key to Matrix, you can see it as a mailing server. Everyone can use his own home server to communicate with users on other home servers. You can install your own Matrix home server or you can use a public server (usually hosted by a club or university). And now BIT has made a Matrix home server available as well. The name of our home server is NLtrix.

WIth Riot you can send messages with or without end-to-end encryption, chat in groups, exchange pictures and files, call and videochat. So basically everything you can do with all those other commercial apps. Riot can be used in a browser and on every device. 

The home server where you register your account, will house your data in the Matrix network. All posts and uploads you send through the BIT home server (NLtrix), will be saved in the cloud at BIT (as long as you do not delete them). BIT gives you the guarantee that they handle this data carefully, as described in our privacy statement. AT BIT, your data is safe in the Dutch cloud.

In addition to Riot there are other clients that use the Matrix and there are separate apps for all devices (for example in the appstore on your phone). There are currently numerous open source projects for creating a Matrix client. We will be telling you more about that in the next blog.

The NLtrix team