Modification sub-distributor BIT-2

Modification sub-distributor BIT-2

24-11-2020 13:00:00 - 24-11-2020 19:30:00

Urgency: Planned
Expected impact: 
- Slight increase in temperature
Customer intervention required: No
Reference number: 170772


We will be performing an upgrade of a sub-distributor.


During this maintenance, one of the three automatic transfer modules for the emergency power generators will again be replaced with a newer model. The previous maintenance didn't go as planned, so the module will be replaced again. During the maintenance, the automatic transfer module in the sub-distributor for the BIT office, one of the three chillers, two out of eight down flow units (responsible for blowing cold air in the data centers) of BIT-2A and some control cabinets will be replaced. 

This upgrade is necessary because the current model of the automatic transfer module is no longer in production. In the event of an unexpected grid failure, this sub-distributor will be switched to generator power by hand.

The two sub-distributors which provide power to server room BIT-2A will be fully operational during this maintenance and will switch to generator power automatically in case of an unexpected grid failure. The upgrade will be tested which will result in a restart of all computairs in server room BIT-2A. This may result in a slight temporary increase in temperature in the data center.

This maintenance will be supervised by BIT engineers.