Core network fiber maintenance

Core network fiber maintenance

18-05-2022 00:00:00 - 18-05-2022 07:00:00

Urgency: Planned
Affected services:
- Internet access
- Customer wavelengths between BIT-2 and Interxion Science Park
- Mobile internet access
Expected impact:
- Limit chance of disruption of internet traffic
- Disruption of wavelengths between BIT-2 and Interxion Science Park
- Disruption of mobile internet services
Customer intervention required: No
Reference number: 171921


Additional wavelengths will be put into production on the fiber
connecting BIT-2 and Interxion Science Park. This requires adjustments
to the dark fiber. To increase capacity, DWDM equipment will be
connected to the fiber between Interxion Science Park and Equinix AM7.


Additional wavelengths will be made operational between BIT-2A and
Interxion Science Park. Due to the increase in channels we need to add
attenuators to the fibers. As a result, the fiber connections will be
disrupted several times in order to place the attenuators and perform

To increase capacity between Interxion Science Park and Equinix AM7, we
will put DWDM equipment in production. As a result, the fiber
connecting these locations will be disrupted a number of times. This
reduces redundancy in our core network. Traffic will be automatically
rerouted via other connections.

To minimize impact of the maintenance, internet traffic will be
rerouted via other paths.
Update placed at 18/05/2022, 4.11h
This maintenance has been completed successfully. Due to unforseen circumstances, mobile internet services have been unavailable for a longer period of time than we expected. Our apologies for the inconvenience.