BIT grows and expands datacenter capacity

26-08-2015 16:00:43

BIT is expanding its three datacenters with a new floor: BIT-2D. This expansion is taking place in the existing datacenter BIT-2BCD. During the construction in 2009, we have taken this future growth into account. Outside air will be used for the cooling of the new datacenter floor. BIT-2D will function with a PUE of 1.15, which means that for every kW a client uses, 150W are needed to cool. This way, BIT opts for another sustainable, energy efficient solution that perfectly fits with our investments in energy savings. Building BIT-2D required an investment of 2 million Euros.

BIT has experienced a strong growth in the recent years. Where organisations used to be hesitant when it came to collocation, that threshold has been lowered significantly now. Organisations are realising that in order to reach the same level of professionalism, collocation is often cheaper than investing personally. In addition to the economies of scale external datacenters have, investments in specialists and establishing outage services are major costs that can be saved.

Alex Bik, CTO at BIT: "Next year BIT will celebrate its 20th anniversary and we have grown a lot over those years. When we look at our client portfolio, we notice very little turnover. Of course we take a lot of pride in that. That also means that new clients automatically mean growth. During the construction of BIT-2BCD in 2009 we have taken that growth into account and built three floors in our datacenter, the third of which will be put into operation in October of this year. The fact that energy savings played a central role in the construction of BIT-2D, is very important to us."