OpenNebula - Open source cloud management platform

OpenNebula for a customised cloud environment

OpenNebula is a simple, open source solution to build and manage enterprise clouds that combines existing virtualisation technologies with advanced features for multitenancy, automatic provisioning and elasticity to offer on-demand virtualised services and applications.


BIT builds clouds based on OpenNebula. Private clouds can be customised to meet customer needs so it perfectly matches their organisation. OpenNebula has a modular approach and specific needs can be taken care of. While providing plenty of command line tools for the system administrators to manage, operate and extend OpenNebula with ease, it also features a clean and clear web interface for less tech savvy customers to work with their private clouds in a GUI-setting.

More tech savvy customers can utilise the extensive OpenNebula API to integrate the BIT cloud, or their OpenNebula based private cloud, in their own environment. OpenNebula's API is where it all begins. The web UI and the provided command line tools all use this API to manage the OpenNebula ecosystem. A number of popular programming languages such as Python and Perl offer OpenNebula API modules, but since the API is based on an XMLRPC system, implementation should be trivial where ready-made modules aren't available.

By default BIT uses its fast and reliable access network to connect hypervisors to the internet and internal networks, as well as the Ceph storage network in which OpenNebula integrates quite nice. The BIT Ceph cluster is used to host all VM images. We can also assist in building hyperconverged setups where Ceph and VMs are colocated on the same hardware.

For environments that require redundant ultra-low latency IOPS StorPool storage can be used as well. StorPool also works closely with OpenNebula setups to achieve a flawless integration. In all scenarios we recommend to use three independent data centers. This allows for continuous operations even in the unlikely event of a complete data center failure.

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