BIT NL Cloud, 100% Dutch Cloud

BIT NL Cloud, 100% Dutch Cloud

As an organisation, you want to have the flexibility to grow and be able to build on solid IT partners. High-quality technologies, continuity and reliability are essential in this regard. At BIT, reliability is the starting point of our services, so that clients can focus on their core activities without worry. We provide you with a safe haven in the cloud.

BIT NL Cloud is a privacy-friendly alternative to clouds of hyperscalers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud. Our cloud platform is designed with security and privacy in mind, where you have your own cloud environment within our high end infrastructure. Infrastructure that is hosted in 100% Dutch data centers and meets maximum security and availability. The perfect solution for business-critical IT environments.

BIT Public Cloud

With the BIT Public Cloud you can scale up or down almost without limitation within a cloud environment that meets your needs. This way you only pay for what you actually need.

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BIT Private Cloud

A Private Cloud with BIT is specifically tailored to your needs, on infrastructure that is only used by your organisation.

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BIT Virtual Data Center

With BIT Virtual Data Center you have a certain amount of dedicated resources such as processor power, memory and storage at your disposal without having to invest in expensive hardware yourself.

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BIT Hybrid Cloud

BIT Hybrid Cloud is a mix between BIT NL Cloud and your physical infrastructure in our data center, facilitating collaboration between these platforms.

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Hoge beschikbaarheid

High availability

For business processes to function properly, high availability within your IT environment and the cloud service you use is indispensable. With redundancy throughout our infrastructure, high availability servers, load balancing and storage in three different data centers, you can rely on maximum uptime.

Free SLA

At BIT, you don't need to sign an expensive SLA to be assured of a reliable service. All our services have an SLA as standard and are always included free of charge. We believe that all our clients should
expect optimal service, regardless of which service they choose. At BIT, all our customers are platinum, premium and gold.

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Nederlands support

24/7 Dutch-speaking support

Do you need help or advice? We are available 24/7 by phone, email or chat. You will always speak to a knowledgeable BIT representative, who will be happy to think along with you. In Dutch, but of course we also speak English.

Security by Design

Security has been included and integrated from the start of development of our cloud platform. It was developed with the risk of abuse in mind. When vulnerabilities are discovered, consequences are limited as much as possible.

Security by Design

Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design

During the development of our cloud platform, we have included privacy as a guiding principle, just like security, and have taken the privacy of our users into account as much as possible. We comply with European legislation (AVG Proof) and as a Dutch organisation we are not obliged to cooperate with American or Chinese legislation that allows all kinds of parties to demand data.

ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified

BIT NL Cloud is fully certified; both the services and the data centers. Your data is safely stored in our 100% Dutch data centers, which meet the requirements of the ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certification.

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