BIT Virtual Data Center: customisation, secure and cost-efficient

BIT Virtual Data Center: customisation, secure and cost-efficient

With BIT Virtual Data Center you have dedicated resources such as processor power, memory and storage at your disposal without having to invest in expensive hardware yourself. A user-friendly management environment allows you to easily scale up and down by allocating these resources to the virtual servers you have. This gives you maximum control and flexibility over the setup and costs of your environment.

BIT Virtual Data Center is a reliable solution for a fully scalable virtual environment delivered from 100% Dutch datacenters.

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Cost effective

Purchasing, setting up and maintaining your own IT infrastructure requires substantial investments, with the risk of investing too little or too much. With BIT Virtual Datacenter you don't have to worry  about that, because we provide you with maximum control and flexibility. Because of the scalability of our platform, BIT Virtual Data Center changes with your organisation, limiting costs and risks.


Maximale controle

Maximum control

You are in control of your own exclusive cloud environment, customised to your needs and requirements. A resource pool provides access to a set maximum amount of memory, processors and disk space. You can allocate these resources over a number of virtual servers of your own choosing.


100% Dutch Cloud

A Virtual Data Center at BIT is a privacy-friendly alternative to public clouds like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud. Our cloud platform is designed with security and privacy in mind,  giving you your own cloud environment within our high end infrastructure. Infrastructure that is hosted in 100% Dutch data centers.

100% Nederlandse cloud



We take it off your hands

In addition to being your hosting partner, BIT can also be your technical migration partner. We can advise you on your migration to the cloud or take a large part of the migration process off your hands. This allows you to fully focus on what your organisation is all about. You are in control of the extent to which we relieve you of your worries.


ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified

BIT NL Cloud is fully certified; both the services and the data centers. Your data is safely stored in our 100% Dutch data centers, which meet the requirements of the ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certifications.

Cloud certificeringen

Of course, our 'flavors' of cloud are not fixed. You are not limited to choose from a public, private or hybrid cloud. In many cases, combinations are made between different cloud solutions. That's why our experienced engineers are happy to work with you to find a solution that best suits your situation.

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