The maintenance on our equipment is essential for safety and availability. To minimize the inconvenience to our customers we schedule this maintenance in the night. We usually do major maintenance between 00:00 and 07:00 hrs.

Scheduled maintenance is always announced on our website. You can also subscribe to our mailinglist which we use to annnounce maintenance or you can subscribe to our RSS Feed.

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Scheduled maintenance

01-10-1808:0001-10-1817:30Replacement chiller 3 BIT-2BCD
02-10-1808:0002-10-1817:30Replacement chiller 3 BIT-2BCD
03-10-1808:0003-10-1817:30Replacement chiller 3 BIT-2BCD
04-10-1808:0004-10-1817:30Replacement chiller 3 BIT-2BCD
05-10-1808:0005-10-1817:30Replacement chiller 3 BIT-2BCD
08-10-1808:0008-10-1817:30Replacement chiller 3 BIT-2BCD
09-10-1808:0009-10-1817:30Replacement chiller 3 BIT-2BCD
10-10-1808:0010-10-1817:30Replacement chiller 3 BIT-2BCD
11-10-1808:0011-10-1817:30Replacement chiller 3 BIT-2BCD
12-10-1808:0012-10-1817:30Replacement chiller 3 BIT-2BCD


Would you like to know more about our maintenance?

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