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Jesper Weiland
Commercial Director

"Many hosting companies sell based on ‘face it till you make it’ – we promise the customer everything they want and when problems arise, we will deal with it then. But BIT does not have to embellish, because they truly have their things in order."

Exonet, founded in 2002 and based in Doetinchem, is specialised in high quality, reliable hosting solutions, always based on the latest technologies. The solutions, mostly custom made, are developed and managed by ten experienced specialists. Exonet is ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified.

Managed hosting plus-plus

“We are committed to deliver the highest quality in managed hosting, for clients with very high standards. It is mostly about business-critical websites and applications for midsize companies. We do a lot of work for premium brands, but most of it indirectly. A large section of our clientele have their own experts, but they opt for outsourcing their hosting to us, so they can focus on their core business.

We automate their processes for continuous delivery, which makes it as easy as possible to create software from test to production. We take over all their hosting – I like to call it ‘managed hosting plus-plus’. We go that extra mile compared to other hosting companies in debugging, optimising and helping to secure our clients’ applications. The solution is often somewhere in the middle, so it is important to have a grasp on what your client technically does. We have chosen for the best platform available because we want our continuity to be top-notch. But our actual worth is in the knowledge and experience we have to offer.

The party to go with in the technical field

The strength of Exonet lies in the specialisation and our own data center does not suit that ideal; we have chosen BIT to be that for us. I often compare our cooperation with BIT with a hotel. BIT supplies and manages the building, they make sure there is power and heat. They provide a good, half-finished product and we seal the deal by decorating the rooms, offering impeccable room service and by pampering the guests. We place all the systems for our new clients at BIT ever since they opened their data center in 2009. We had our eye on them long before that, because they are known as the party to go with in the technical field. The first two racks in the new data center BIT-2D are also ours.

BIT is our favourite supplier, because our noses are pointed in the same direction. I sometimes jokingly say we could fuse if we wanted to. We have the same thoughts on technical issues and like to make sure things are properly regulated. They simply do their job very well and if something is nog working, they are very clear about why it is not. When something at BIT malfunctions, I still remain positive. I know they will continue until the problem is solved without me having to whine about it, and afterward they will tell me exactly what went wrong. Many hosting services are provided with a ‘fake it to make it’ attitude – we promise our clients everything they want and when problems arise, we will deal with it then. But BIT has no need to embellish, they truly have their things in order.

It is very pleasant to work with such a party. They are not less than vital to us. When the internet connection at BIT fails, or when the power or cooling system malfunctions, our entire service will be offline and at that moment a lot of companies in the Netherlands will have significant problems. These companies rely on Exonet. I am selling my clients a good night’s rest, but I want to be able to sleep peacefully myself as well.”

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