Axigen - for your email, agenda’s, notes, tasks and contacts

Axigen Messaging

Are you looking for a corporate and scalable solution to your email, agendas, notes, tasks and contacts? BIT offers you the solution in the form of Axigen Messaging with the guarantee of support, 24/7.

With Axigen, you have access to a mail server solution built on scalability. This way, big consumers like platform builders, system integrators and ISPs can still upscale or downscale for more than 100.000 users in a robust and professional way, without having to sacrifice performance or flexibility.

With Auto Migration you can easily migrate your email and PIM data (agendas, notes, tasks and contacts). Of course, we can help  you where necessary. Axigen is available for both Windows and Linux OS.

Do you want to test it yourself?

Try the WebMail and WebAdmin demo on or download a 60-day-trial license that allows you to test Axigen for yourself.

Want to know more?

Go to or contact us on or +31 318 648 688.