Register a domain name

Register a domain name

Do you want to register a domain name? Although registering a domain name is inexpensive, its value in the marketplace can be as great as that of a brand or trade name. That is why you need to make sure that you have the right domain names, plus any variants that may be required, and that their registration is in order. BIT supports all common and less common top-level domains. That is one part of the picture. The other is that the domain name servers (DNS servers) of the ISP where your domain is registered must be reliable. If an email message addressed to you or a request for a web page does not hit a DNS server or the server is misconfigured, you will be untraceable and an error message will return.

Is your domain name still available? Perform the check!

You can check whether your domain name is still available by using the domain name check below.

BIT focuses on Internet services for business users and therefore ensures the required continuity, both technically and procedurally. We have a set of redundant DNS servers in our data center and, as an  extra measure, a third one which operates completely outside our network. This way your mail will always arrive and your website can always be found. We automatically renew your registration every year  and take action if there is an attempt to move your domain without your permission.

Register your domain name now

You can easily and securely register a domain name with BIT using the button below. Are you already a customer and do you have a portal account? Then request your domain name through our customer portal.

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Free use of DNS services

BIT registers or transfers your domain names for you. All top level domains (TLDs) are supported, including .nl, .com, .org, .eu, .be and .de. You can also contact BIT for advice if your desired domain name  is already in use by someone else. If your domain name has been registered via BIT, you can use our DNS services free of charge. Any changes we make to the DNS settings are also included in the annual  registration fee for the domain name.

General terms and conditions for registrations

Each country has its own domain name extension (such as .nl for the Netherlands and .be for Belgium). The rules and conditions for all those extensions differ from each other. By registering a domain  name you agree to the general terms and conditions of that particular extension. We have compiled these conditions for each country in one clear overview for you.

Your domain name is secure

To preserve the continuity of your organisation it is important that your domain name is protected against abuse. We offer a number of measures specifically to achieve this:

A domain name refers to an IP address. An IP address is the address of the server that hosts the physical website. Because domain names are easier to remember, the IP address is converted to a domain  name by the domain name system (DNS). The conversion of an IP address to a domain name can be sabotaged by cybercriminals, redirecting visitors to another site. DNSSEC is an extension of the DNS  protocol and resolves this type of vulnerability. By default, domain names registered with BIT are always protected against this.

DNS hosting is a service that is often underestimated. Without DNS, nothing under your domain will work. BIT has taken great care to ensure the stability of its DNS platform. Many providers only host one  DNS server. To minimise the risk of unavailability, BIT has multiple DNS servers, spread across different locations in the Netherlands. Naturally, our DNS servers support IPv6 and DNSSEC. DNS hosting can  be purchased as a service, without registration. It is also possible to configure your own name server as a 'hidden master'. The BIT name servers automatically take over your configurations and are queried  by the outside world.

.nl Control gives you, the owner, more control over your domain name. For important changes, such as transfers or deletions, you are first asked to give explicit permission. This ensures that your domain  name cannot be moved easily or end up in the hands of criminals.

BIT offers companies SIDN's domain monitoring service to protect their brand. We ensure that you are informed in advance about the registration of a domain name that resembles your brand name. This  can prevent damage to your brand name, company name or image.

Would you like to know more about registering your domain name?

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