Monitoring 24/7


Accessibility guarantees only mean something when there is clarity on what goes wrong and what goes right on the platform. That is why BIT monitors their services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just like the engineers are ready 24/7 to take action when something threatens to go wrong.

Our redundant monitoring system can also be used to monitor our client's services. When you run your own platform in our data centers, you can use BIT-monitoring to keep an eye on the accessibility of your applications.


BIT monitors the requested services on your servers 24/7. We monitor the accessibility of several services for you, like HTTP, Ping, Telnet and FTP. It is also possible to monitor the accessibility of URLs or the functioning of login scripts for example. Our monitoring system is doubly executed and placed on two geographically separated locations to ensure redundancy.

Failure reports

The failure reports on the monitored services can be intercepted by BIT. Our failure engineers are reachable 24/7 to handle your malfunctions. If requested, you can receive a protected read-only login for this system, so you can check the monitoring and accessibility of your services at any given moment. You can also choose to receive the failure reports directly. Another possibility is to only receive the failure reports between fixed times and to send them to BIT outside of those times.

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