We realise that the IT infrastructure is of vital importance to our customers and that is why we set the bar high. Because whoever wants to do their job without worries must be able to rely on their partners. For many of our customers we are therefore not a supplier, but an extension of their own organisation.

Below you find an overview of a number of our customers.

Aangetekend MailenACV GroepBlokkerBPSolutionsDispatchDyzleExonetGGZ Oost BrabantGobitIddinkKeyGeneLomboXnetMCXMissing PieceQuartoRootNetSite4USolimasSpeyk Xcellent

Aangetekend Mailen

"We are looking for partners who can meet the highest requirements for 'Secure and legally valid' documents. In the partnership with BIT, we know that the data is on safe territory."

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ACV Groep

"At ACV, sustainability is our top priority, just as it is for BIT."

"BIT has been a reliable IT partner for Blokker for almost 2 decades."

"At BPSolutions we believe in a smarter future that we are building together with BIT."

"The cooperation with BIT is a relief compared to our former supplier. Professionalism and pragmatics are excellently combined and the level of knowledge is very high."

"However, it was immediately clear to me and my two colleagues who were involved in the selection process, that we had the best click with BIT."

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"It is ideal for us that BIT engineers are close to the data center and can do work for us. They also build new servers for us."
GGZ Oost Brabant

"BIT made a number of statements in an article that made sense and that gave us the confidence that we have come to the right place. You can use a public service with Jitsi, but BIT advised that, given the importance of privacy and the scale of the project, a private environment That way we have 100 percent control over costs and security."

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"Personal contact is important for us and our customers. At BIT you always get someone on the phone with know-how, just like in our organization."
Iddink Group

"Because of their transparency and clear way of communicating, I always know where I stand at BIT."

"BIT delivers the continuity we need, to offer our partners ground breaking results in crop innovation."

"BIT has a clear vision of how to deal with the world. They attach great importance to safety, privacy and sustainability. The data center takes its social responsibility. That makes them the right partner for us.”

"The fast and always professional service desk of BIT delivers exactly the service that you as a customer hope for."
Missing Piece

"There are many parties with the necessary certifications, who all provide reliable services. We chose BIT because they suit us."

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"BIT has the right certifications so that we can be confident that our IT is in safe hands."

"BIT still has the right in-house know-how, which is distinctive in the colocation market."

"The high level of knowledge and the pragmatic approach of BIT fits in seamlessly with our services."

"Trust is one of our core values and BIT has been a solid partner for years on who we can rely on when it comes to availability, reliability, integrity, knowledge & safety."

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"Security and data is very important to us, at BIT our data is securely locked and locked."

"BIT provides us and our customers with continuity by colocating part of our infrastructure in a safe and sustainable data center."