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Working at BIT

Are you looking for a (new) job where you can channel your passion for the internet and technology? Then BIT is the right place for you. For us, it's not about helping customers as quickly as possible. We always strive to find the best solution possible, even if that takes a bit more time and thinking. Of course, we also consider the costs, but for our business clients, the quality of our service and solutions always come first. Can't find your dream job listed? You can always send us an open application.

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BIT is a data center in Ede. We specialise in colocation, cloud services and managed hosting. Our clients are businesses, (local) governments, and organisations that want their IT-solutions to be well-managed, secure and handled by a single party. With us, a client doesn't become just a number in a system. Unlike larger providers and hyperscalers, we invest a lot of time and attention into our clients. We value open and personal communication and always strive to go that extra mile. We also continuously update our internal knowledge and products, not just because it's necessary in this industry, but also because we want to.

The BIT Culture

At BIT we don't follow trends. In fact, we often lead the way with the technology we use. And when it's possible and necessary, we even develop that technology ourselves. This approach has already resulted in several successful products. The employees at BIT are far from ordinary as well. With around forty of us, we all share a passion for the internet and the technology that makes it work. You can feel that mindset in our open, innovative, and collegial work environment (which also leads to great solutions and satisfied clients).


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