Working at BIT

Working at BIT

For those who love technology, BIT is the perfect place to be. Our aim is not to minimise the amount of time that you spend on handling a client's request, but to offer a good solution, even if it takes a little longer or if you consult one of your colleagues. Of course, we are economically oriented and we watch the costs, but with our corporate market, the quality of a solution comes first. You do not see a vacancy for your dream job? You can always send in an open application.

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Our clients are businesses, governments and institutions who want their affairs to be managed by one party in a proper and secure manner. We offer that, without them becoming client X, or just a number in our database. We differ from mass providers in the time and interest we show in our clients. We value open and personal means of contact and always aim to provide that little bit extra. We are in a continuous process of keeping our own services, knowledge and products state-of-the-art. That expertise and technology can then be used to the benefit of our clients.


Wanted: Support Engineer (in Dutch)

Wanted: Facilities Employee (in Dutch)

A passion for technology

BIT is not a trend follower, but are often ahead with our technology. Whenever possible, or requested, we develop our own technology. That has already lead to a number of well-selling products and we plan on expanding that selection. Our staff too, is not at all average. We have a passion for the internet. A passion that shows in an open, innovative and collegial working environment that leads to purposeful internet solutions and, consequently, satisfied clients.

The people of BIT

Are you looking of a (new) job with which to express your passion for the internet, then we surely have the job for you. We currently have 35 employees in our company in Ede (central Netherlands, along the A12 and A30). Even though we want to grow gradually, we still have a lot of room to expand our business. As a data center and ISP, we strive to be fully independent. That is part of our idiosyncratic way of doing things. We have knowledge in all areas, but we can always use extra support. We are looking for people of all kinds, as long as they are the internet kind.

Acquisitions by employment or deployment agencies are not appreciated.

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Or do you want to send an open application? Please feel free to contact us via: +31 318 648 688 or

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