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Are you looking for a professional and reliable party to help your organisation with the optimum use of internet with minimal effort and possible complications? Then please continue reading.

BIT is specialised in colocation, internet connections, managed hosting and outsourcing for corporate internet usage. BIT offers the basis of IT and internet infrastructure for quality-conscious organisations. Reliability is the fundamental idea of our service, so our clients can focus on their core activities carefree. We distinguish ourselves through a high level of knowledge, years of experience and a pragmatic approach. BIT is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified.

At BIT, everything is structured around the central need of corporate internet users: continuity. We understand that you can only consider solutions that correspond to your special requirements and therefore we offer customised solutions. With this, clients receive the exact operating reliability, capacity, growth potential and security they need.

It helps that the people of BIT all have a passion for technology. They prefer the challenge to come up with a customised solution instead of giving a standardised response. For many new clients it is a relief to find our helpdesk employees have the skills and knowledge to understand their specific needs.

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We realise that the IT infrastructure is essential to our clients and that is why we set the bar high. Those who want to do their job without worry, need to be able to rely on their partners. For many of our clients, we are not a supplier, but an extension of their organisation.

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