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If you want to manage your servers in a stable environment, there are a lot of things involved. A redundant architecture and high security requirements, but also people with the right know-how. With colocation from BIT you are assured of a reliable environment for your servers.

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An internet connection is not a standard product. The quality of your internet access is depending on the way in which your ISP has arranged the connection to the world outside its own network. BIT devotes maximum care to this and chooses purely on the basis of quality, without any commercial or business policy restrictions.

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Fast and safe online? That's possible with Managed Hosting from BIT, so you can focus on your core business. Benefit from the in-house specialist knowledge we have to host your online services.

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A safe and reliable environment for your IT infrastructure, your services always available and 24x7 support. With colocation from BIT you choose a stable basis for your servers. The data centers of BIT are built to the highest standards so that your servers are optimally protected and accessible.

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Are you looking for a corporate and scalable solution to your email, agendas, notes, tasks and contacts? BIT offers you the solution in the form of Axigen Messaging with the guarantee of support, 24/7.

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