FAQ for video conferencing via meetme.bit.nl

FAQ about video calls via meetme.bit.nl

On this page you can find the most frequenly asked questions about video calling via meetme.bit.nl. This is a free service, and as such we do not provide support. If you require support, you can opt for a Private Jitsi solution from BIT. With this option, you'll have dedicated resources, and privacy and security settings can be customized according to your preferences.

When you opt for a Private Jitsi solution with BIT, we provide a data processing agreement and an SLA is included by default. For further details, visit bit.nl/video-calling

What does Jitsi look like?

When you start a meeting via meetme.bit.nl, you'll see a screen similar to the image below. For this FAQ, we have divided the screen into four parts.

Screenshot of a Jitsi meeting with two users

Location Name Description
Left side Toolbar The toolbar, which appears when you click on the chat bubble icon in the toolbox.
Middle Video Here you'll see all the participants of a meeting.
Bottom Toolbox Controls for Jitsi. More explanation about the different buttons will follow later on this page.
Right side Filmstrip Small video display of the various participants.

The Jitsi Interface

The toolbox at the bottom of the screen provides you with various options. The icons are the same on your mobile phone, but arranged slightly differently.

Button for microphone With this button you can toggle the microphone on/off. Button to invite participants With this button you can see all participants in the meeting, and via the subsequent menu, invite participants.
Button for camera With this button you can toggle the camera on/off. Button to toggle tile view With this button you can switch between tile view (all participants visible on the screen) or only the active participant.
Button for screen sharing With this button you can share your screen. Button to access settings menu With this button you can see more options and also go to the settings menu.
Button to open chat With this button you can open the chat. Button to leave the meeting With this button you can leave the meeting.
Button to raise hand With this button you can raise your hand.

More Options

In the more options menu, you can manage various aspects of Jitsi.

Button for inviting participants With this button you can invite/add people to the meeting. Button to set your background With this button you can adjust the background of your own video.
Button to control performance settings With this button you can change the performance settings. Button to toggle tile view With this button you can view the 'speaker statistics'.
Full screen mode With this button you can set the meeting to full screen. You can exit full screen mode by pressing the Esc key on your keyboard. Button to access settings menu With this button you can access the settings menu.
Button for setting security options With this button you can adjust the security options. Button to view all shortcuts With this button you can see the shortcuts in Jitsi.
Button to share a video With this button you can share a video via a YouTube link or direct video link. Pressing the button again will stop sharing the video. Embed This button gives you the option to embed the meeting on a webpage using HTML code.
Toggle noise suppression With this button you can enable noise suppression for your own microphone.

General Questions and Comments

Which browser is recommended for using Jitsi?
Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Chromium, and Safari.

Can Jitsi be used on my phone?
Yes. Jitsi is available for Android and iOS. You can also use Jitsi on your phone without the app.

How many people can be in a meeting/conference simultaneously?
We recommend never having more than 35 people in a meeting/conference simultaneously if video is being used. For a meeting/conference with audio only, the limit is 75 people.

These are not strict limits; differences can be caused by internet connection speed and hardware. Additionally, Wi-Fi may be slower than a wired connection.

What if I experience slowness in my Jitsi?
Slowness is primarily caused by the available amount of bandwidth Jitsi has on your internet connection. Lowering the image quality of your webcam may help.

Note: each user will need to do this individually

Additional Features

Below, you'll discover some helpful tips and tricks to enhance your experience with our free Jitsi service.

Breakout Rooms

If you find yourself in a meeting with several participants but need to have a one-on-one discussion, breakout rooms are the solution. Click the Participants button () in the toolbox. The menu will appear in the filmstrip (located on the right side of the screen). Choose 'Add breakout room'. This will open a separate meeting room with an automatically assigned number. Then, hover over 'Breakout room#[number]' and click 'Join.' To add other participants to the separate meeting room, hover over their name and select 'Send participant to: Breakout room #[number]'.

Pining a Participant

By pinning a participant, their video will remain visible. Hover over the participant you wish to pin in the filmstrip. You'll notice a blue 'options' button (Options). Select the button and click 'Pin to stage.' A pushpin icon (Pushpin) will appear next to the pinned participant.

To unpin a participant, simply click the pushpin icon.

Hide Your Own Video

It can be useful to hide your own video in Jitsi. You can do this by navigating to 'More' (More) in the toolbox and selecting 'Settings' (Settings). Then, click on the 'More' tab and select 'Hide self view'.

To undo this action, follow the same steps and uncheck 'Hide self view'.


Click the Chat button (Chat) in the toolbox. The Toolbar will appear on the left side of the screen. Click on 'Polls' and follow the instructions. Other users in the meeting will receive a notification at the bottom near the Chat icon and can vote in the poll.

Note: Once created, a poll cannot be deleted. It will remain visible throughout the entire meeting.