FAQ for video conferencing via meetme.bit.nl

FAQ for video conferencing via meetme.bit.nl

Do you provide Jitsi support?

On this page we have collected the most frequently asked questions for you. Unfortunately, we cannot provide support for this free service. We offer you a private Jitsi for this, where you have dedicated resources and can set up privacy and security settings according to your own wishes.

In addition, we can offer a processor agreement with this service and an SLA (Service Level Agreement) is supplied as standard. Read more about this at https://www.bit.nl/video-calling.

Which internet browsers are fully supported by Jitsi?

Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Chromium.

This tool does not work with the desktop version of Safari as it does not support the WebRTC video standard.

Do you use Jitsi yourself?

BIT employees use Jitsi every day without significant problems.

Can I use Jitsi on my phone?

Jitsi is available for Android and iOS.

How many people can participate simultaneously?

The limit is around 35 users in 1 room, or 75 using only audio. Another limiting factor is your internet connection and computer hardware. Wi-Fi is often slower than a wired connection.

We experience slowness.

This is mainly due to the amount of bandwidth Jitsi has access to. What can help is lowering the image quality of your webcam. Each user will have to do this individually. See: 'I don't really understand the interface' to read how to set the image quality of your webcam.

You can troubleshoot your webcam and microphone at https://test.webrtc.org/.

I don't really understand the interface.

The main buttons are at the bottom center of your screen: microphone, phone, camera (fltr).

Manual Jitsi

Manual Jitsi

-> Click on the microphone to enable or disable your microphone.

-> Click on the phone to end the call.

-> Click on the camera to turn your video on or off.

You will also see the following buttons at the bottom left:

Manual Jitsi

-> Click on the screen to share your entire screen with others. With this you can, for example, show a Word or PowerPoint document to the other participants.

-> Click on the hand to indicate that you want to contribute to the ongoing conversation.

-> Click on the speech balloon to open or close the text chat.

At the bottom right of the screen you will see the following buttons:



-> Click on the squares to show the conversation in 'tile view' (all participants will be visible on your screen) or to show the currently active participant on your screen (this option is not available in the Android app).

-> Click on the 'i' to request a URL of the conversation which you can share with others and possibly add a password to the meeting (this can only be done by the person who started the meeting, also known as the moderator).

-> Click on the vertical dots to access the settings menu. Here you can adjust things like the image quality of your webcam, or set your screen name via 'Settings'-> 'Profile' and set the language of the interface via the 'More' tab in the same window.