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The BIT data centers are based on the latest technological developments and meet the highest possible standards in the area of security and reliability. Corporate users can have strict requirements for the IT services they purchase. There can be no question of obligations being evaded. Every interruption in the service costs money, not to mention the possible damage when unauthorised people get access to confidential data.

The heart of our services lies in our data centers, which are some of the best available in the Netherlands. All physical facilities for the server spaces are redundant or doubly executed. There are always qualified employees present for service and maintenance, or to take the necessary measures in case of malfunctions. Clients who demand maximum security, use the first location to backup the second.

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Data centers BIT

A sense of security

BIT owns three data centers in Ede, all three wholly owned. These data centers function independently from each other. The data centers BIT-2A and BIT-2BCD are situated on the same terrain, but have their own (emergency) power supplies and cooling facilities. The data center BIT-1 is located about 500 metres from BIT-2 on its own terrain. BIT-2A and BIT-2BCD are all well above NAP. A sense of security, not just for our foreign clients.

Spreading the risk by technical and legal redundancy

Because our data centers BIT-1 and BIT-2 are situated at a good distance from each other and there are plenty of fibre optic cables placed redundantly in a ring between both locations, you can place your equipment in two data centers with confidence. Of course, we can make your IP addresses available on both locations.
For clients looking for an even higher level or risk spreading, we offer the possibility to place a part of your equipment in the Solcon data center, around 30 kilometres from Ede. This unique collaboration does not only offer technical but also legal redundancy, because you can enter separate contracts for the services at BIT and Solcon. Evidently the Solcon data center, just as BIT's, is ISO/IEC 27001 and NEN 7510 certified, the highest international standard for information security. There is a fibre optic cable available for data replicas between the Solcon and BIT data centers that can, in most cases, be freely employed by clients. This cable offers a bandwidth up to 10 Gbit per second.


We put our customers first; and we do not limit you to certain vendors, brands, suppliers or specific third party services. You are entirely free to pick your own hardware, backups, services (while we can always recommend one) and make your own support arrangements. Clients who are only looking for a safe space to place their equipment, but want to configure and manage it themselves, are just as welcome. The BIT data centers are carrier-neutral. Colocation from BIT, IP from somewhere else? No problem.

Expertise and competence

A modern data center is a technical piece of art, all revolving around reliability and efficiency. Not only technology is important there, but mostly the knowledge and experience of people who select systems, install them and maintain them. The engineers at BIT know their data centers like the backs of their hands: most were involved during the construction and furnishing. They are constantly looking for ways to improve themselves, amongst which are new (emergency) power and cooling concepts. That means that in case something unexpected happens, the people at BIT can find the problem very quickly and know how to solve it. We do not depend on external suppliers - that is the cornerstone of our philosophy.

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