Visitor center BIT-MeetMe

BIT is the home of many events every year. This includes seminars or meetings that we organise ourselves, but our clients are also increasingly making use of our facilities to organise events for their relations.

The visitor center BIT-MeetMe is a professionally equipped location and centrally located on the Veluwe. You can combine an event with a tour through our datacenters, led by one of our engineers.

BIT-MeetMe is the location for your events up to 400 guests.

Galileïlaan 17
6716 BP Ede
the Netherlands

The Tower Bridge

The big hall in BIT-MeetMe is the ‘Tower Bridge’. This hall has a maximum capacity of 150 seats and 400 standing places. The Tower Bridge is equipped with modern technical facilities and can be arranged to suit your needs and the mood of your event.

In addition to this big hall, BIT-MeetMe also has 6 meeting rooms that can be used for smaller sessions or meetings.

At BIT, we like to think with you. Inquire about the possibilities for your own event at BIT-MeetMe by calling +31 (0)318 648 688 or send an email to

360° Video BIT-MeetMe

We would like to take you on a tour through our visitor center BIT-MeetMe. Check out our extensive facilities through below 360° video.

Some browsers may not support 360° videos. You can then watch the video on YouTube.

Photos BIT-MeetMe

Hall BIT-MeetMe Hall BIT-MeetMe
Hall BIT-MeetMe Lounge BIT-MeetMe
Lounge BIT-MeetMe Coffee corner BIT-MeetMe
Meeting room BIT-MeetMe Tower Bridge BIT-MeetMe
Bar BIT-MeetMe Tower Bridge BIT-MeetMe
Bar BIT-MeetMe Tower Bridge BIT-MeetMe
Tower Bridge BIT-MeetMe presentation room Meeting room BIT-MeetMe

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