Cooling system at BIT

The servers in our datacenter produce a lot of heat. More computer activity means that there is also more heat released, and therefore specialized, scalable, and reliable heat management is required. Inadequate cooling can cause expensive interruptions.

Our cooling system, in combination with the closed cold corridors provides optimum cooling of all equipment. The installation is at all points, including pumps and pipes, redundant. In addition, the installation is as energy efficient as possible, which saves both the environment and costs.

Watch the videos below about the cooling of our data centers:

Some browsers may not support 360° videos. You can then watch the videos on YouTube.

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 "All parties I spoke with, were hesitant to help with what I wanted. BIT also needed a little time to think about it, but I soon got the response that they had come up with a solution.
Things are not quickly dismissed as impossible at BIT."

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   Rob Epping - Meteo Consult