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At BIT, we only do the things we really know. One of those things is the purchasing and managing of servers and storage. The *nix and Windows operating systems have very little secrets for our engineers. BIT's people have been trained and ISO/IEC 27001 and NEN 7510 certified to configure and manage servers in such a way that the data is safe there, while simultaneously minimising the downtime. At BIT we use modern internet standards such as TLS, HSTS, DNSSEC, SPF, DKIM, DMARC and DANE TLSA to prevent forms of cyber crime such as spam, phishing or malware.

Additional services like monitoring, backup, storage and virtual servers are available on request.


We supply the necessary hardware for our client's platforms. We advise our clients on the specifications for servers and storage for specific tasks. If requested, we supply equipment, complete with the installing of the hardware in our data centers and any warranty service. BIT prefers storage based on Ceph and hardware of Fujitsu. Our experiences with both parties are very positive, mostly in the fields of quality and service.


The BIT administrators have installed and configured thousands of servers over the years. All those servers meet strict internal requirements to guarantee security and availability. Together with our clients we determine which operating system is best suited for the tasks every server will need to execute. The operating system will be installed and configured, including the software needed for the server. Only after an inspection by a second technical employee, the system will be delivered to the client.


BIT makes sure the most recent updates for the operating system and supporting software are installed. A fully patched machine contributes to maximum security. Maintenance on these machines is done twice a month, outside office hours, and more frequently if there are updates that require immediate action. Planned maintenance is announced at least two weeks beforehand so alternative arrangements can be made when needed.

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