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About BIT

BIT is specialised in colocation, internet connections, managed hosting and outsourcing for corporate internet users. BIT offers the basis of IT and internet infrastructure for quality-conscious organisations. Reliability is the fundamental idea of our service, so our clients can focus on their core activities carefree. BIT distinguishes itself with a high level of knowledge, years of experience and a pragmatic approach.

At BIT, everything is structured around the central need of corporate internet users: continuity. Because no two businesses are the same, we provide bespoke solutions for every situation. With this, clients receive the exact operating reliability, capacity, growth potential and security they need.

It helps that the people of BIT all have a passion for technology. They prefer the challenge of bespoke solutions to come up with a standardised response. For many new clients it is a breath of fresh air to find our helpdesk employees have expert knowledge and fully comprehend their clients' needs.

Accessible and reliable

Corporate users can set high demands for their internet services. There is no room for a noncommittal attitude. The network that connects different locations of an organisation is crucial to the business operations. Every interruption in the email traffic costs money, not to mention the possible damage the interception of confidential messages could do. Websites have to be available 24 hours a day, because if you cannot be found online, you don't exist. Home workers and telecommuters need a safe way to access the corporate network in order to be productive.

These user needs are vital to the philosophy with which BIT designs, manages and maintains its infrastructures. We are specialised in using modern technology in such a way that we can offer our clients a service that is reliable and uninterrupted. Then they can freely focus on their own activities.

Everything in your control

To be able to give our clients solid guarantees concerning our performance, we want to be as independent from external suppliers or shared infrastructures as possible. That way, we can be confident in making clear agreements on the services our clients may expect from us. We put those agreements down in writing in Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for virtually all of our services.

Besides the quality of our services, our clients have the advantage of only having to deal with one party, so there is no risk of being sent from pillar to post with your problems. BIT stands by its promises and does not hide behind others.

The knowledge factor

Without our material infrastructure (the data center and the network), we would not be able to realise our services to corporate clients. But all this equipment, however properly installed, is not enough. Information technology is human work too. Ultimately it is about the proper application of the technology, in a coherent way and aligned with the client's needs.

BIT's employees are the best people to provide that additional factor. Everyone at BIT has a passion for technology. We are well informed about the latest developments, not because we have to be, but because we like to be. We see it a as a challenge to use the available possibilities to construct solutions that do exactly what they need to.

BIT offers a complete package of internet services. We provide solutions in the fields of colocations, private clouds, outsourcing, fail-safe hosting, email, fast internet connections and the connection of business locations. We are fully independent in our choice of supplier and service provider for the configuration of solutions. Every time we offer a solution, we want to believe in it with conviction.

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