Connections of all kinds


BIT only supplies for the corporate scene. That is mirrored in the quality of our services for internet access. By using the best technology available and carefully selecting suppliers, complemented by the knowledge and expertise of our specialists, we can offer complete clarity on our quality levels.

Without any extra equipment, we can offer a VPN connection with the purchase of a router. Furthermore, we offer the possibility to have all types of connections in an MPLS-cloud.  MPLS can connect different types of connections with a VPN without needing special equipment.

Of course, all fibre optic cable and DSL-services come with IPv6. Multiple IPv4-addresses are possible on a connection, free of charge. BIT offers connections on different types of carriers. This can be used to create redundancy. IP-addresses can automatically switch to a backup connection in case of failure of the special equipment. A DSL-connection can be used as backup for an ethernet connection on fibre optic cable. 

Fibre optics

With a fibre optic cable connection you can connect your location to the internet and/or create a connection between your locations. BIT offers an ethernet connection or an unlit fibre optic through the first-rate, strong network of its fibre optic partners. Except for connections to our own fibre optic network in Ede, we offer connections throughout the country to the networks of Eurofiber, KPN, Tele2 and TrenT. We select the network based on your location and requirements, for the best price.

Unlit fibre optic

An unlit fibre optic is nothing more than a direct connection between your location and BIT's data center. There is no actual limit to the bandwidth, the connection is exceptionally reliable and you keep all options open for new applications.Nowadays such unlit fibre optics rarely need to be installed in full. There are many fibre optic connections all over the country, especially in places with a lot of economic activity. By hiring capacity on such existing fibre optic connections and only installing the abutting connections, you can create a complete connection with relatively low installing and exploitation costs. Our data centers are already connected to the fibre optic networks of all big telcos. This means there will be no excavation costs on our side.

Fibre optic ethernet

Apart from unlit fibre optics, BIT offers fibre optic ethernet. As long as the need for bandwidth does not exceed the 1 Gbit/s, this service is very interesting economically speaking. Such connections come with CPE, so there is no need for extra equipment to light the connections and to decouple to your own network.A fibre optic ethernet connection is very well suited for internet access and/or connecting different locations. If your establishments are close to different fibre optic networks, BIT will link the connections there for you.

Guaranteed accessibility (SLA)

Fibre optic connections can get an SLA. The type of SLA depends on the network supplier. This always concerns corporate connections with high accessibility guarantees.


We use the nationwide DSL-infrastructure by Tele2 and connect these directly to our own network by means of an ethernet-internet connection. BIT supplies a wide variety of DSL connections, but all come with a high accessibility guarantee. The supply, configuration and management of a Cisco-router by BIT is optional.

(Bundled) SHDSL.bis
By means of the familiar copper network, we can offer symmetrical long distance speeds of 20 Mbit/s. No big investments are required for this, which fibre optic connections usually do. This type of connection makes it possible to separate different data streams by means of tagged VLANs. This enables you to separate voice-traffic from the rest of your internet traffic for example. Next, you can assign a higher level of priority to the voice-traffic.

VDSL2 supplies an asymmetric connection with a maximum bandwidth of 10/40 Mbit/s (up/down). By using different VLANs, you can discern different types of traffic. This means you can separate traffic that you think should be processed quickly from all other traffic.

The three older DSL techniques, ADSL2+, SDSL and ADSL, are still available. These connections with respective capacities of 1/24 Mbit/s, 2.3/2.3 Mbit/s and 1/8 Mbit/s (up/down) will suffice for locations with requirements for a low bandwidth or specific applications. BIT regularly supplies such connections as a backup connection for, for example, a fibre optic connection. By using different carriers, the chance of disturbances is minimised.

Guaranteed accessibility (SLA)
Our DSL subscriptions come with a standard Silver SLA. In case of any faults, you will get a response within four hours if they are reported between 08:30 and 20:30 hrs Monday through Friday, or between 08:30 and 16:30 hrs on Saturdays. The problem will be resolved the next workday at the latest. At an additional cost, a Gold SLA with a 24/7 fault service, a 1 hour reaction time and 4 hour repair time can be supplied as well.

Mobile internet

In collaboration with Vodafone, BIT supplies mobile connections. These connections use our top-notch IP-network. They receive a fixed public IPv4-address (so no changing RFC1918-address that is not routable on the internet). A fixed IP-address enables the equipment behind the mobile connection is always approachable from the outside. You can use this fixed IP for your firewall. This service includes a firewall for every mobile connection, tuned to your requirements. This means that the mobile connection can be shielded from the rest of the internet.

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