Visit the BIT datacenters

Would you like to visit our datacenters? Or perhaps you want to organise a meeting for your customers? We offer you the opportunity to visit our datacenters.

An engineer from BIT can lead you through our high-end datacenters so you get a clear picture about what is involved in a professional datacenter and how we use modern technologies to deliver continuity, performance and availability.

Do you want to visit our datacenters or you maybe want to invite your customers to our datacenters? Please feel free to contact our Customer Care department at +31 (0) 318 648 688 or via

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We realise that the IT infrastructure is essential to our clients and that is why we set the bar high. Those who want to do their job without worry, need to be able to rely on their partners. For many of our clients, we are not a supplier, but an extension of their organisation.

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