Shared hosting at the highest level

Shared Hosting

Corporate IT-usage is all about accessibility and performance. Your website needs to be available and it needs to process requests in a swift manner. That can only be done when all parts of the process function properly: the chain is as strong as its weakest link. That is why BIT maintains shared hosting with the same high level of quality for all aspects. BIT's shared hosting platforms are regularly audited by an external, specialised information security company to be able to guarantee this high standard.

Our fail-safe hosting platform has been designed for a continuously high level of accessibility. A website is not bound to a specific server; a redundant set of load balancers divides the incoming requests over all active servers. The load balancers register the server's response times and allocate the requests accordingly. These load balancers enable us to know whether we should add servers directly or to turn servers off for maintenance, without it influencing the availability of your sites. The hosting platform includes servers in both of our data centers, so on two geographically separate locations, which also increases the availability.

Load balanced servers

BIT's shared hosting platform covers a large number of servers, hosted in two geographically separated data centers behind a set of redundant load balancers. Every server in the cluster serves your website, so the malfunctioning of one of the servers is automatically compensated by the other servers. Next to the overcapacity that is readily available, the systems are designed in such a way that even more capacity can be added to the cluster within minutes. Peaks in platform usage can be easily accommodated like this.

State-of-the-art storage

We employ the industrial standard for extremely confidential data storage: two NetApp enterprise-grade systems in MetroCluster, placed in two different data centers. The web servers are connected to this system with a separate storage network. The NetApp systems are all about robust data storage and a quick recovery in the improbable case of a fault. The system is fully redundant: the malfunctioning of a power supply or a harddisk will not result in the loss of any data. In case the active filer does become inaccessible, the other NetApp filer will automatically take over.

Linux & Windows

BIT offers web spaces on its Linux platform with an Apache web server, including PHP, Zend Framework, Sendmail and ImageMagick support.

Windows web spaces are provided with Windows servers with an IIS web server, including ASP.NET, ASP Scripting, ASP Email and ASP jpeg support.

Both platforms support ServerAliasses/HostHeaders, so multiple websites can be placed in one single web space. Additionally, web statistics are available whereby data will not be sent to external parties.


Most Content Management Systems use an SQL database. BIT supplies MySQL, PostgreSQL or MS-SQL databases with shared webhosting. We use dedicated SQL servers to do that.


A service with the highest possible quality requires a perfect SLA. Because at BIT we make true on our promises, we are not reluctant to put our promises in writings. We have a standard of 99.99% accessibility guarantee per month for shared webhosting. If your web space has been out of commission for more than 4 minutes and 19 seconds in a month, we have not done our job properly and you are entitled to a compensation from BIT.


When you use the shared hosting service from BIT, you can rely on a secure connection. With this service BIT provides HTTPS, a domain-validated SSL certificate and SSL offloading by default.

Load balanced shared webhosting factsheet

  Linux Windows
IP-adresses webspace (IPv4)
2001:7b8:3:5::80:1 (IPv6) (IPv4)
2001:7b8:3:5::80:2 (IPv6)
From 1 GB
Free up to 250 GB per month
Commitment: € 0,20 per GB
Above commitment: € 0,30 per GB
Server is accessible via:
Server is accessible via:
Operating system Two platforms with the two most recent Ubuntu LTS releases Windows Server 2012r2
Webserver software Apache IIS 8.5
Scripting PHP 5 and PHP 7
Detailed information including present components:
Also with support 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and backwards compatible with 1.0 en 1.1).

ASPemail, ASPupload, ASPjupload, ASPxupload, MVC 3, Helicon APE, MySQL Connector/ODBC
Data base MySQL 5.5 PostgreSQL 8.3+
phpMyAdmin: MSSQL 2008 MSSQL 2012 MySQL 5.5
Each webspace has SSL offloading by default for one hostname including a Networking4ALL DV SSL certificate. If there is a need for SSL offloading for multiple hostnames and other SSL certificates then this is possible through our SSL offloading VIP service.
The details of your webspace and database are regularly backed up.
Backup retention

Snapshots on NetApps (Linux)/Acronis (Windows):
5x hourly (allows you to go back six hours, every hour)
2x nightly (Allows you to back 3 days)
The data will be storaged real time on both geographically separate locations from BIT (BIT-1 and BIT-2)


3x per day (allows you to go back 1 day, a few hours)
6x nightly (allows you to go back 7 days)
The hourly dumps will be backuped on a local disk, the nightly backups are storaged on BIT-1 and BIT-2.

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