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On the outside, BIT's email services are indiscernible from those of other providers. The difference can be found behind the scenes, in the quality of the infrastructure and in the support. BIT, specialised in the corporate market, is committed to keeping your email accessible 24 hours a day. The email platform is fully redundant and load balanced, on top of that it is spread over two data centers. The load balancing enables us to intercept possible faults and to carry out maintenance without disrupting the service.

The email services are fully hosted on BIT's own infrastructure, in the Netherlands and according to the Dutch law. You will not find an anonymous contact form for your questions or problems on our site. Questions about or problems with one of our email services can be reported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can get answers from knowledgeable technicians immediately. Furthermore, BIT has no obligations to share your data or emails with foreign governments. So we don't do that. We protect our client's privacy and data in the same way that we handle our own. At BIT we use modern internet standards such as TLS, HSTS, DNSSEC, SPF, DKIM, DMARC and DANE TLSA to prevent forms of cyber crime such as spam, phishing or malware.

A bespoke platform will be built for issues that cannot be solved with our standard solutions. BIT's specialists have a lot of experience with redundant setups, high-volume traffic, API interfacing, etcetera.

Spam filtering

The fast and open nature of emailing comes with a really big disadvantage: spam. Unrequested, unwanted email is a major annoyance for many people. BIT offers a free spam filter on all email services. We use a stepped filter that you can personally configure according to your own needs.

The first layer of protection consists of Realtime BlockLists (RBLs). RBLs collect IP addresses of mail servers known to send large amounts of spam.

The second layer can block emails from particular addresses or entire email domains. This filter can also be set to always receive emails from certain senders.

The third and final layer is a Bayesian filter. This filter checks, without any human intervention, every email for certain aspects that can indicate spam. The more general characteristics of spam an email contains, the more likely it is that it actually is spam. Clients can set the strictness of this filter according to their own preferences and can determine for themselves what needs to happen to email that might be spam.

Virus scanning

Other problems in emailing are viruses. BIT offers a service that checks all incoming email with a number of virus scanners. When an email with a virus is detected, it will be blocked and set aside for you before it is delivered to your inbox. You will receive a notification that your scanners blocked an email, after which you can personally decide whether the email should or should not be delivered after all.


In our portal you can adjust your spam and virus configurations according to your own preferences. You decide which email addresses can be used within the portal and where emails to these addresses will ultimately end up. You have control over all your settings 24 hours a day, but you can also have your settings managed by BIT's specialists.


You have your own email server in your office, like Microsoft Exchange, but you have not taken any precautions concerning spam filtering, virus scanning and fall-back email servers? BIT has bSMTP, where we supply your spam filtering and possible virus scanning. As soon as an email has been filtered, we deliver it to your own mail server. In case your server is unexpectedly unreachable due to faults in your internet connection or hardware, we store your email as long as needed. Naturally, this service can also be provided without spam filtering and virus scanning.

IMAP mailbox

The IMAP service BIT provides gives you access to a mailbox in which you can read and store your email. You read the email with an email client like Microsoft Outlook, or with a webmail site provided by BIT. The account can be used for an indefinite amount of addresses coming from the same mailbox. There are no restrictions on the size of your inbox. The IMAP protocol provides opportunities to create folders in your account to sort your emails. With IMAP you have access to all of your emails everywhere and at any given time.


With Axigen Mailserver you offer your customers a mail server solution that is scalable to thousands of users, without having to compromise on performance or flexibility. Axigen works with all common mail clients and protocols and can be implemented on Windows, Docker and Linux.

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