Routers, switches and firewalls, expertly managed

Routers, switches and firewalls

The management of routers, switches and firewalls is an art in itself. To keep your servers secure and accessible, in-depth knowledge of network protocols is required. Our network engineers are experienced in managing routers, switches and firewalls in a surrounding that needs to meet the highest possible standards: the standards of an internet service provider for corporate internet users.

BIT supplies and maintains dedicated routers, switches and firewalls for your equipment in our data centers. You might want to purchase this equipment yourself or monitor our administrators with a read-only account on the routers, switches or firewalls. That is no problem. BIT likes to think along with you to find the best solution for your situation.


Apart from the core-routers managed by our network specialists, we also manage our client's routers if requested. Our engineers have experience with Juniper and Cisco routers. Supplying and managing routers for our clients is a logical next step.

We have no problems configuring dynamic routering protocols and redundant setups. Configurations of BIT routers are backed up several times a day and the different versions are managed. This means that restoring a previous configuration or installing a replacement router can be done in minutes.


We use Arista switches for our own network. We now prefer that, but we also have experience with switches from Juniper and Cisco. For platforms with the highest availability requirements, BIT has extensive experience with redundant set-ups that, for example, use the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol or Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation (MLAG). Failure of one switch is thereby absorbed by the other switch.


For protecting your client's data as well as your own, firewalls are crucial. BIT's network administrators have hands-on experience with several firewalls, including Cisco, Juniper, pfSense and Fortinet equipment. Additionally, BIT's employees are knowledgeable on firewalls for operating systems like Netfilter.

The best firewall for your situation depends on your wishes for its functionality. Connections with account management software like Active Directory, the desired level and way of logging and reporting, the requested functionality on different layers of the OSI-model: all considerations that need to be taken into account in this decision.

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