Voice over IP for more functionality at lower costs

Calling over the internet has several advantages. The call charges will be significantly lower in most cases and the functionality of costly telephone exchange companies can be taken over by a relatively simple server. BIT makes Voice over IP (VoIP) transparent and reliable. With BIT's VoIP you have a telephony service of the highest quality and direct access to BIT's engineers for questions and problems.

With one of our SIP-trunks, you connect your VoIP-server to the worldwide phone network. IP links calls to the rest of the world. You save on your call charges without losing any quality. Calls between different locations of your company that can use the same SIP-trunk, are free of charge.

Hosted or at location
Your VoIP-server can run at your own location, but can also be installed in one of our datacenters. In our datacenters, your server benefits from optimal conditions, including a redundant (emergency) power supply and cooling infrastructure, plus internet access to one of the best Dutch networks.

The market for VoIP-servers is quite large. BIT is experienced with the open-source product Asterisk and with the Asterisk-based software Kerio Operator. We gladly consult you on the product choice that best suits your needs and can offer support in configuring and managing that product.

More possibilities
You can have one or more numbers on VoIP at BIT. This includes geographical numbers (like 0318-), nomadic 085-numbers, corporate 088-numbers, charged 0906-numbers or free 0800-numbers. Special fax numbers and fax-to-emails are also amongst the possibilities.

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