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BIT supports corporate users with services for datacenters, networks and hosting. Our solutions and services should complement the practices of our clients. Demands, wants and situations differ, so we always start with consultations before we offer any solutions. If a chosen solution cannot be executed within BIT, we can find another party together. Our clients keep control, whether they choose for complete provision by BIT or only specific services.

BIT's fundamental concept is to use the latest proven technological developments. Technology that you can benefit from most and which will surely work as it is supposed to. We closely watch the latest developments in the field of internet and related areas, without giving in to the allure of hypes and ephemeral trends. We select hardware and software from leading quality suppliers. We make our selections based on the reliability of their services as well as on technical aspects. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best market offers, so we are in no way committed to specific suppliers.

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We realise that the IT infrastructure is essential to our clients and that is why we set the bar high. Those who want to do their job without worry, need to be able to rely on their partners. For many of our clients, we are not a supplier, but an extension of their organisation.

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