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Below overview contains the most important details of our data centers. If you have any questions or want more information, please do not hesitate to us. We are happy to inform you about the various options we can offer.

BIT Data center factsheet
Construction data center
Height service area minimal 6 metres above NAP
Parking own parking spaces
Facilities vending machine for snacks and soda
coffee machine
working spaces
meeting rooms
Floor load 1500 kg/m²
Size racks 46 U high, 60 cm wide, 100 cm deep
Fire detection

an independent, certified very early warning system with
automatic notification to fire brigade

Fire extinguishing certified Argonite (Ar+N2) installation
Cooling installation N+1 computairs
N+1 cooling machines
Cooling power output 1500 W/m²
Temperature 25 ℃ (+/- 2 ℃) in cold paths
Lightning protection      certified according to NEN norms
Water detection Water detection sensors under the floor
Electrical installation

two incoming feeds into rack
separate UPS for every feed

Emergency power supply N+1 diesel generators
Diesel supply     48 hours
Power per rack up to 96 A
Information security ISO/IEC 27001 and NEN 7510 certified
Physical security              VEC certified safety class 4*
Alarm redundant connection to control centre
Surveillance two independent surveillance services
Cameras inside and outside the data centers
Access control two-factor authentication
biometric iris scanners
RFID access passes
power supply



Data center BIT-2BCD was built in 2010 and currently houses three server rooms: BIT-2B, BIT-2C and BIT-2D. Because the data centers are employed in steps, the used infrastructure can be kept up to date with the latest technological developments.

Galileïlaan 19-B
6716 BP Ede
The Netherlands



Data center BIT-2A was provided in 2006 and currently houses half of BIT's equipment for the purposes of our ISP services. The other half is housed in data center BIT-1. The investment in the facilities of BIT-2A is constant. For example, over the past few years the cooling installation has been renewed, making the data center even more energy efficient.

Galileïlaan 19
6716 BP Ede
The Netherlands



BIT-1 is BIT's oldest data center. All facilities have been renewed in 2011. BIT works with an innovative cooling concept which they developed themselves. This has resulted in BIT-1 becoming one of the most efficient data centers in the Netherlands.

Kelvinstraat 63-67
6716 BV Ede
The Netherlands


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