Our network: thought out in every detail


An internet connection is not a standard good. The quality of your internet access is strongly dependent on the way you have arranged your ISP to connect to the world outside of your own network. BIT handles this with the utmost importance and purely selects on the basis of quality, without commercial or corporate policy restrictions. We set the highest standards for our network and base our infrastructure on the best technology available. Purposeful redundancy protects our network from contingencies. Our entire network and all of our servers have been ISO/IEC 27001 and NEN 7510 certified. We make good on our promises and make sure our measures for the accessibility, integrity and confidentiality of our services are checked by independent auditors.

BIT Connectivity

Apart from internet connections, inside our data centers and out, BIT also offer their services in managing your switches, routers and firewalls. We supply, configure and manage your network equipment, so your data and the data of your clients are most secure. Combined with our network, our servers have the best internet connections. While we take care of access and security, you can focus on daily business management.

Internet services requiring the highest level of access available, BIT offers load balancing. Our redundant set of load balancers divides the users of your application over several servers. If a server's access is suddenly blocked, our load balancers automatically make sure not to send users to that particular server.

When you contact us for questions about your network services or when you want something arranged differently, you will be contacting people who can really help you. Our network engineers are not put away behind helpdesk employees or salespeople, but are directly available for any questions our clients may have.

Would you like to know more?

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