VPN for transparency and security

VPN services

BIT offers VPN services to connect separate connections, whether or not of the same type, to form one LAN as it were. This links your equipment, set-up on different locations, on a Layer 3 (IP). Your intranet, internet, application, storage and voice traffic is treated like local traffic. This is the best solution for applications that will not function when routed over the public internet. It also simplifies the firewall configuration. Together we will determine the most suitable type of VPN for you.


An IPSEC VPN-solution entails the authentication and encryption of the traffic in tunnel(s) between the individual destinations. The linking of different connections is done by equipment at the location of the connections. This often requires specific equipment, which BIT supplies and configures for you.

Due to an IPSEC VPN being setup by equipment on location and all traffic being encrypted, such a VPN can also be used for connections that have not been supplied by BIT.


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