Thought-out backups as vital protection


Despite all built-in redundancy in a platform, unforeseen situations might occur in which data will not be available anymore. BIT makes backups of its own platform to separate backup filers and provide clients with the opportunity to make use of this backup platform.

The BIT backup platform is suitable as protection against incidental data loss and could be part of a disaster recovery plan. As our clients have come to expect from us, we make sure that our backup service is superredundant. The backup filers have an intern redundancy, built in through double feeds and RAID-configurations amongst other things. We also make sure your data is mirrored in two separate geographical locations: one filer in BIT-1, the other in BIT-2.

We also offer the possibility of making backups on tape. BIT changes the tapes on working days so that you can have them stored offsite by an external party.


BIT adopts a standard retention of 5 weeks for either disc backups as tape backups. It is possible to lengthen or shorten retention. You can indicate which parts of your server or platform do or do not need to be backed up; this way you keep control over the size of your own backups.


BIT uses incremental backups and file backups. This means that only the files that are different from the files on the disc, are backed up again. This restricts the size of your backups. BIT supplies a read-only access to the backups on disc. Consequently you will always have access to your backups and you can reset your individual files if you need to.


Linux and other *nix operating systems are backed up with software that uses Rsync over SSH. Therefore the transport of the backup will be encrypted. If necessary, BIT offers help with the configuration of servers so the data will also be encrypted when saved.


Windows servers are backed up with Acronis software. Backups are written on SSL-secured FTP servers, so the transport of the Windows servers is also encrypted.


BIT provides support in the procurement and the management of own backup solutions. In situations where the amount of data that needs to be backed up requires it, it can be interesting to adopt your own backup solution. The same goes for situations with specific security demands or special wishes for retention. The BIT specialists are always happy to share their insights on this.

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