Register a domain name

Register a domain name

Do you want to register a domain name? Even though the registering of a domain name has a very low cost, the market value can be as high as a brand or trademark. Reason enough to make sure you have the proper domain names including any varieties you might need, and to have its registration in order. BIT supports all conventional and unconventional top level domains. That is one side. The other side is that the domainnameservers (DNS servers) of the ISP in which your domain is housed, should be reliable. When an email or a webpage request does not come across a DNS server or a server that has been incorrectly configurated, you are untraceable and an error notification will occur.

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BIT focuses on internet services for corporate users and therefore realises the required continuity, both technically and procedurally. We have a set of redundantly executed DNS servers in our data center. As an extra measure we have a third one that is entirely separate from our network. Your email will always be delivered and your website will always be accessible. We automatically extend your registration every year and will immediately take action when there is an attempt to move your domain without your permission.

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Register a domain name easily and securely at BIT. Are you already a customer from us and do you have a portal account? Then please request your domain name via the BIT Portal.

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Free use of DNS services

BIT registers or moves for your own domain name. All top level domains (TLDs) are supported, including .nl, .com, .org, .eu, .be and .de. You can come to BIT for advice if your desired domain name is already in use. When your domain name is registered via BIT, you are entitled to our complementary DNS services. All changes we make for you in the DNS settings are included in the annual registration costs of the domain name.

General Terms and Conditions registries

Each country has its own domain name extension (such as for the Netherlands .nl and for Belgium .be). The rules and conditions for all those extensions differ. By registering a domain name you agree to the general terms and conditions of that extension. We have compiled these conditions for each country in one clear overview.

DNS Hosting

DNS hosting is a regularly underestimated service. However, without DNS nothing in your domain works anymore. BIT has put a lot of thought in the stability of its DNS platform. Many providers host only one DNS server. BIT has multiple DNS servers on several locations in the Netherlands to minimise the risk of inaccessibility. Understandably, our DNS servers support IPv6 and DNSSEC. DNS hosting as a service can be purchased without registration. There is also the possibility to configure your own name server as a 'hidden master'. The BIT name servers automatically adopt your own configurations and will be inquired by the outside world.

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