Storage: your data safe and sound


No service without data, so your data has to be stored and available. BIT prefers to use central storage. This makes it relatively simple to have multiple servers use the same data. Central storage, if properly configured, increases the availability of your data.

BIT offers storage on NetApp-filers. NetApp is considered the supplier of the best storage solutions and that is why BIT has been using it for all production storage for over 10 years. All that time, our storage solutions have earned our trust in them. In case something goes wrong unexpectedly, your platform will not suffer from any downtime due to the superior clustering of the filers with NetApp's MetroCluster.


BIT's NetApps work in a MetroCluster over BIT-1 and BIT-2. All data is synchronically saved on two filers in two geographically separated data centers by means of this MetroCluster. If one of the filers malfunctions, there is an automatic fail-over to the other filer. Using a MetroCluster enables us to do maintenance on the filers without it resulting in any downtime. In accordance with your wishes, we can make a snapshot of your data that is saved on both filers. A file that is accidentally deleted or overwritten, it can be easily restored. By using SATA and SAS discs as well as SSD discs, we offer a 'tiered storage solution' that fits several types of storage needs. If required, we can supply a redundant connection between your equipment in our data center and the filers.


Particular situations can require a virtual filer within the NetApp cluster, a vFiler. At your request, we like to discuss the possibilities and advantages of using a vFiler for your data.


You pay for your assigned amount of storage, which can be upgraded when needed. The number of I/O transactions is measured and the costs are passed on to you based on post-calculations. You only pay for what you use. While counting the I/O transactions, we make a distinction between transactions to and from the disk, and transactions handled in cache. Transactions to and from cache will cost less. Cache transactions for file based storage include placing and reading file states and leases on files. These are metadata operations that place or supply information on files or directories. Disc transactions are the reading and writing actions to and from the disc where the files actually change. We make this distinction for block based storage as well. Most metadata operations are not processed on the filers however.

Own storage

In some situations, your own filers may be wanted. BIT supplies and configures dedicated filers from NetApp and filers from the Eternus series of Fujitsu. We gladly discuss the possibilities and pros and cons of the different solutions with you.


Storage, as redundant as it can be, and even snapshots of that storage, are not an alternative for backups. If you have BIT back up your data, it will be backed up on another type of storage. This way a problem with a particular type of filer will not affect the accessibility of your backups.

Would you like to know more?

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