The importance of unsolicited advice

The importance of unsolicited advice

18-10-2016 09:27:50

At least twice a week I remember a TED talk I once saw in which a man was worrying about the number of paper towels that are being wasted. It concerned billions of towels a year. This man had come up with a technique to reduce the waste. Before drying, you should shake your hands twelve times so you only need one towel to dry both hands. I always think of this when I see paper towels somewhere. But why does this story stick?

Passion and stubbornness lead to success

Someone telling a story about a subject close to his heart and soul, is incredibly cool to me. It does not even matter what the subject is. If someone is really into the story they are sharing, it sparks something in the listener. The good man with the towels was an example of someone speaking with passion, which got me intrigued.

Another reason that stories stick, is because people inspire you. People who dare to go against the stream and are stubborn enough to push their views are both admirable and brave to me. Daring to say what you think. Many scientists are examples of this, but the one that stands out, to me, is Galileo Galilei, founding father of experimental physics. Another example is Elon Musk. This man has a noble goal and started a revolution in the transport world. With his idea, the emission of fossil fuels has decreased significantly. He has achieved that people changed their views on transport.

Unsolicited advice during TEDxEde

You are not yet aware and knowledgeable of certain subjects. Advice can play a major role in forming your views on such subjects and unsolicited advice is probably even better. Unsolicited advice leads to inspiration and better judgment, that is what I believe. To me TEDx is a source of unsolicited advice. You are confronted with stories and subjects you might have thought about at some point and have formed an opinion on. The TEDx speakers often approach these subjects from a different angle, which broadens your own perspective. This can lead to new insights, and of course you don’t necessarily need to agree, but it does get you to think about things more.

TED spreads ideas. This is also one of the reasons that BIT partnered with TEDxEde. I think it is good to help bring attention to ideas that are worthwhile. This year too, TEDxEde will be a day filled with inspiration. I am hoping to see speakers on stage with passion. And as Elon Musk once said: ‘I think that’s the single best piece of advices: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself.”

By: Wido Potters