BIT sponsors ISP Blacklist with node EDE01

BIT sponsors ISP Blacklist with node EDE01

23-01-2017 11:29:14

ISP Blacklist is an online ‘blacklist’ for clients of hosting and internet providers who have repeatedly misbehaved, for example by sending spam, not paying invoices, etcetera. Privacy is one of the most important issues here. ISP Blacklist aims to make the internet in the Netherlands a little safer. The blacklist unites internet providers and hosters in their fight against web criminals, spammers and defaulters. By registering parties that have misbehaved several times in a central register, there is less incentive to use Dutch hosters and providers for such practices.

The mission at BIT is to contribute to a secure, free and open internet with secure privacy. That is why we are pleased to support this initiative. On January 16, 2017, BIT has committed to sponsor one of the nodes, EDE01. EDE01 is facilitated from the High Available Cloud Infrastructure from our datacenters in Ede.

“We endorse the use of the ISP Blacklist and are pleased to make a node available for it” said Wido Potters, Manager Support & Sales at BIT.

Node EDE01 is a complete success. With the addition of the third node, the backbone of the Blacklist is getting stronger.